The History of the Guitar in Brazil with Fabio Zanon

Pioneers, Creators and Performers
For three years from 2006, Radio Cultura FM broadcast a weekly program with Fabio Zanon .
After 13 initial episodes dedicated to the series The Spanish Guitar in the Twentieth Century, Fabio focuses on the history of the guitar in Brazil.
This series of 148 programs covers the rich universe of Brazilian guitar. The guitar’s main characters are the protagonists in these programs illustrated with rare recordings and exclusive interviews.
The starting point for this series is the article by Fabio, The guitar in Brazil after Villa-Lobos.

Unfortunately, you might have to work to get the downloads, but if you succeed, this is a treasure trove of the history of ther guitar in Brazil, featuring most, if not all, the important Brazilian guitarists after Villa Lobos.
Knowing how to understand Brazilian is definitely a help!

The Brazilian programmes

Fabio’s series on the Spanish Guitar in the XXth Century

The Art of the Guitar

Fabio says of The Art of the Guitar – Magic and Nearness
“The guitar is an instrument of infinite possibilities, where the human factor is found in generous doses: the friction of the fingers against the strings, the fact that the interpreter holds it to his heart, the ability to sing with multiple voices and multifaceted colour – all this on a scale intimate, mysterious, like a planet smaller and more delicate than ours, causes it to be more than a mere producer of sounds, a vehicle in which the whole act of making music takes on a personal character.

Increasingly  the great guitarists, no matter the size of the audience at a concert, play as if they were performing only to one person making a personal and intimate statement. So it is with pleasure that I bring to the listeners of Radio Cultura FM program The Art of the Guitar, and I am convinced that the radio can preserve the magic and nearness of  their sound.

Despite its ancient origins, the guitar was only established as a concert instrument in the twentieth century. Therefore, its history coincides with the history of recorded sound. This program will present, in chronological order, all the greatest guitarists of the last hundred years, explorers who have shaped the technique and repertoire of the instrument, and display historical recordings of Segovia, Barrios, Llobet, Bream, etc.., In addition to the records of the most celebrated masters today. On the way, I will add my comments on the repertoire, choices, style and personality of each performer.

In my heart, I hope this series unveil a music collection of unsuspected wealth – and that each listener will hear the music as if it had been made ??just for him.”