Hi there!

I’m a classical guitarist  who also writes music for guitar groups of all sizes with the occasional foray into orchestral and chamber music.

I also regularly conduct the odd group – from the National Youth Guitar Ensemble of Britain to wildly enthusiastic older adults (for whom much of my music is written), amateur orchestras and early music ensembles (in the old days).

I have recorded around 12 CDs, half of which have been for Naxos, and the others for Meridian and Saga (a long defunct company).

I seem to be travelling a lot at the moment and come across amazing guitarists, guitar makers and musicians as well as writers and artists (and their pets). There is more about me here.

My friend Nigel thought that I should start a blog of classical guitar things which I find interesting, so these pages are tentative steps in that direction.

Why the title of the blog?

Apart from the convenience of being able to acronynimise it to GGG (well, almost). It might end up as Gerald’s Guitar Garbage.
Here are some definitions from Wikipedia:

Grab bag may mean

Duelling Guitars

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