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I have often been asked for the music of my transcriptions and original pieces and I have wondered how best to make them available.My main concern has been that for many people in the world published music has become too expensive to buy, even if one can find it – John Williams


This has been around since 2009, but some guitarists probably don’t even know it exists. This is a refreshingly different approach to distributing sheet music and, wonder of wonders, the music is handwritten!
The site has free downloads of classics such as From a Bird, Hello Francis and Song Without Words.
There is also a link to John’s home made CD and some sound clips.From a BirdOn the eve of John’s retirement, I thought it would be appropriate to point you to this, his personal project and to read his own words regarding copyright, guitar notation and music publishing on the internet. It just seems a shame that the site hasn’t been updated in a while.
A wonderful chance to read a few words from one of the great guitarists of our time.


2 thoughts on “John Williams the guitarist’s music site

  1. Hi Gerald,
    I just saw someone post on FaceBook about your blog, and I suddenly remembered we met back in the late 80s. Remember we played together in the Scratch and Scrap Opera event i London, in which Stuart Copeland also played? I remember your funny adhoc costume that day!

    Nice post – I didn’t know about John’s handwritten scores.

    Kevin Rees (Osaka, Japan)

    • My Goodness Kevin
      I certainly remember that day – it was pretty chaotic, with schoolkids being the Spanish Armada and we were all wearing strange clothes!
      Wasn’t the composer Debbie Wiseman involved as well?
      Anyway – hope all is good in Osaka – I visited a long time ago and enjoyed walking along the river and visiting the castle.
      Cheers from Oxford

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