One in a billion – Xue Fei’s Sojourn

By paving the way and becoming an international star, Fei has become a role model in her native China. “Lots of young people [in China] see me having a good career, and I hope that I can make them realise that the guitar is a beautiful instrument.” Her passion for what she does is contagious. She speaks about the classical guitar and its music with the knowledge and experience of a veteran, yet with the enthusiasm and vigour of one who has just begun playing. “Personally, I always believed that the guitar the most well-rounded and self-entertaining instrument. It is so personal and intimate, as you have to hold a guitar with your body and to your heart.”

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One thought on “One in a billion – Xue Fei’s Sojourn

  1. Xue fei is one of my first favourite Chinese lady guitarist when I bought her first CD/DVD in 2006 during my visit to Hong Kong. She played all the music in the CD very professionally and clear. Her guitar was Greg Smallman.

    I thought Gerald Garcia and John Williams had the same type of Smallman guitars used for recording and live recital. When Gerald came to Kota Kinabalu in 2000, he lend me the Smallman to play and wow it had fantastic sound.

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