This is classical guitar – Bradford Werner’s Classical Guitar Lessons

On this remarkable site, the work of guitarist Bradford Werner, there are all sorts of up to date guitar related news, hints, interviews, helpful reviews and videos. Included is a Lesson Archive (link below).
Better have a look if you don’t already know it!

Free Classical Guitar Lessons (videos and articles)

This page has a list of classical guitar lessons and videos.
The links are free and are filled with  articles and videos on how to play classical guitar.

It’s a great resource for general technique for both beginners and more advanced players.

Bradford has made most of the lessons himself but there is also a section called “General Lessons from Others” where you’ll see professional guitarists talk about technique or give specific lessons on topics.

In addition to the free lessons in the link you may wish to check one of Bradford’s books:

The link has the following topics

Technique Reference Photos with Diagrams for Classical Guitar

Videos & Posts via Bradford & Guests

General Lessons from Others

Lessons from Bradford’s ebook:

20 Favorite Exercises



Flamenco Influenced Lessons


General topics

4 thoughts on “This is classical guitar – Bradford Werner’s Classical Guitar Lessons

  1. Mr Warner. I have your “20 exercises book” but would like to know how to get TAB on your SPIDER video excercise? There are many available but your video is the best any where. I purchased your book a long, long time ago and am 86 with out a pot full of money but I would really like to have your version. Bless you. Joe Francis

  2. Wow, thanks Gerald! By the way, I’m going to do a big post about you on the site but haven’t had internet at my new place. I was thinking of an overview of your compositions and playing and maybe a short interview!

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