David Russell’s Elegy for the victims of the Santiago train accident

Link to David Russell playing Celtic melody

“Estamos en duelo por el trágico accidente de tren en Santiago, la ciudad donde María Jesús y yo nos conocimos y que está tan cerca de nuestro corazón. Nuestro sentido homenaje a las víctimas y nuestro apoyo moral a las familias y a los supervivientes.”

“We are in mourning for the tragic train accident in our beloved Santiago (Spain), the city where María Jesús and I met. A Celtic melody in memory of the victims and our moral support to their families and the survivors.”

David Russell

My Gentle Harp” arranged  by Gerald Garcia

Get the music here

13 thoughts on “David Russell’s Elegy for the victims of the Santiago train accident

  1. Dear Gerald,
    I heard your arrangement of My Gentle Harp by you as David Russell played. I love this song but unfortunately could not find that. could you please share it .
    Many thanks

  2. I too have been unable to find a dealer who has “My Gentle Harp” available. Where might I be able to purchase a copy? Thanks.

  3. This song is so beautiful and the arrangement simply is perfect… Can anyone tell me where I can buy the music sheet?
    Thank you so much

  4. Dear Gerald

    We’ve met at West Dean a number of times before. Perhaps you remember me (I certainly remember you!). Can you tell me where I can get the sheet music for ‘My Gentle Harp’ from? It’s gorgeous.

    Best wishes
    Francis (Mattthey)

  5. One of the loveliest and most mournful tunes. More than appropriate for the sad incident.

  6. Does anyone know of the published or available arrangement for My Gentle Harp, as David Russell Plays it? Wonderful, I’d love to play it, to share it with others.


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