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Go here for a partial catalogue. Let me know if you would like anything in particular.


Hallingkast – to Arne Brattland

A tribute to Arne Brattland who died in February 2021. It was inspired by his wife Debbie’s performance on Facebook of Arne’s “Lullaby”. This Lullaby ends the piece.

Tombeau sur la Mort de Monsieur Holmquist

Video Link for Tombeau (David Russell)

A tombeau in memory of my friend John Holmquist, who died in January 2021. It starts in a quasi-Baroque style but soon diverges!

Elegy for Julian Bream


click on the image for a PDF

Free PDF download of Elegy

Video links for Elegy


Three Irish Melodies by Thomas Moore including “My Gentle Harp” – £6.50 – as played by David Russell
Silent, O Moyle; Avenging and Bright; My Gentle Harp
Link to video


Five Celtic Airs – £4.75 – as played by John Holmquist on Naxos 8.553419
Rune of the Weaver; Cuan ag Erigh; Airde Chuain; Port ui Mhuirgheasa; Heman Dubh


Two Irish PIeces – £4.00
Lark in the Clear Air
The Coming of Spring


Three Chinese Melodies- £6.60 – including “Spring Breeze” as played by Xue Fei Yang

A la Muhan; Spring Breeze (Summer); Plum Blossoms in the Snow
Video Link


Dle Yaman – Armenian Folksong – £6.00 – for Laura Young


Salut d’Amour – Elgar – £1.50


Three Brazilian Songs – £5.50
Como Podo o Peixe
Nesta Rua
Samba Lel?
Listen to a sample
Another sample of Podo o Peixe (not by Villa Lobos! That’s a mistake on the CD cover) 


Dawn Part one of “The Winged Serpent Suite” – 50p for now!

Dragons Dancing Part two of “The Winged Serpent Suite”- Free


Berceuse – £3.40


Flores del Norte – £6.20 – for Alison Bendy Tremolo Etude


Three Graded Preludes – £7.50
In the Night Palace (Milonga); Havabanera (Tango); Antonio (Waltz)
Easy to moderate pieces in the Latin American idiom


New – Three Carolan Planxtys for solo guitar – Carolan’s Concerto, Fanny Poer and Madame Maxwell – £6.50


2 celtic 2 guits

Two Celtic Duos – £5.50
Rune of the Weaver
Heman Dubh


Crystal Eden for Guitar Duo – £8.00
Double Dutch
Stars in her eyes
Get Set!

Planxty Cover

Carolan Planxtys for Two Guitars – £10.00

Carolan’s Concerto
Fanny Poer
Madame Maxwell

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 16.23.23

Four Chinese Songs for Two Guitars – £11.50
Plum Blossoms in the Snow
Peach Blossom
Summer (Spring Breeze)



3 Chinese Songs for Violin or Mandolin and Guitar arr. G Garcia

Flute and Guitar Celtic

Five Celtic Pieces for Flute and Guitar


Blue Nose Ballads pic

Blue Nose Ballads for Guitar Quartet or Guitar Ensemble – £15.00 Score and parts


Chinese Trilogy commissioned by the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet

Winter on Yellow Mountain

Winter on Yellow Mountain for Guitar Quartet – First Part of Trilogy for the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet – £12.50 Score and parts in a zip file

Spring Snow

Spring Snow for Guitar Quartet – Second Part of Trilogy for the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet – £12.50 Score and parts in a zip file


Mama for Guitar Quartet – Third Part of Trilogy for the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet – £12.50 Score and parts in a zip file

Grazie cover

Guitar and String Trio (2 violins and cello) – Score and Parts £25.00
Le Grazie – Night Sounds/Clear Day/Star Rise


“Lorca” Concerto for Guitar Duo and Guitar Orchestra

Score and all Parts £45.00
Buy Score and Parts together and save £10.00 

“Lorca” Concerto – ¡Anda!/ Nana/ Los Reyes de la Baraja

Purchase “Lorca” Concerto – buy score and parts separately

“Lorca” Concerto –
All MovementsScore Only £15.00

“Lorca” Concerto –
All Movements – Guitar Duo (Soloists 1&2 Only) – £12.00

“Lorca” Concerto –
All Movements – Guitar Orchestra Parts (Guitars 1,2,3,4 Only) – £28.00